Toilet Signs – At last

It’s been many years I wanted to do this. And of course, as almost everything in life,  I was not  the first to think of this. With a bit of googling you can find some nice blogs n’ sites  that have some great stuff. I only regret than I didn’t start earlier this “hobby” because I missed the chance to have some great shots in my collection. Can you imagine what could I have since 1998 (or so) when I first had the idea? And the places I’ve been since then…

Better late than never though, so here is my first post of Toilet Signs. Not all time they ‘re going to be pretty or unique but hey, that’s not always the point. In the end they ‘ll have a story to tell.

klindia_m2 klindia_w1

These are the basics but you have to start from the basics.

It was a tavern at the Imitou square called Klindia (Κλινδιά). Not great food but it was our best choise at the time.

You can find some great signs here and here


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